Birthday Parties

Birthday celebrations are the most cherished events where family and friends visit the event (either at home or at some grand venue) and shower their hearty blessing and wishes for health, success and prosperity for the birthday baby or person. But to make it a grand success, one needs to involve an acclaimed birthday party organizer in Delhi- Ncr, who have made his mark felt in the field and Ahuja Musicals is the company which has evolved over the years solely on the basis of its devotion and professional passion. We are rightly remarked as the most ideal birthday organizer in Delhi-Ncr, as we offer an array of celebration options which clients can choose as per the nature of their birthday party celebration and available budget but we guarantee about custom arrangements as per your preference and needs. Clearly, as there are a lot of different arrangements that need to be done while one looks to organize a birthday party as a big bash, but then a professionally devoted birthday party event planner in Delhi-Ncr, can put in unique expertise with which, party can prove to be the grand success as is expected.

While organizing any birthday event, the age of the birthday baby is of immense importance, as the scale and approach of decorations and arrangements flow according to it, and since beginning, we have helped organized birthdays for toddlers i.e. from an year old to upto 80 years, when grown up adults simply wish to grab this opportunity to thank their elderly parents. In some high profile birthday parties, through any illustrious birthday party event planner in Delhi-Ncr, there is a trend of inviting some celebrity and such an arrangement is also taken care of, at our side.

We are a huge name when anyone considers about an acclaimed birthday party event planner in Delhi as we have gained a huge fame owing to our devotion in this ceremonious field. We simply request people to just harbour an idea about organizing a birthday party and decide the date and play your trust on us, for organizing it with great functional deftness. Across the location of Delhi, we have organized nearly 78 birthday parties since 2008 and we are fully in association with the management team of leading venues and banquet halls throughout the city, and depending upon your location and budget, we can suggest the most suitable option and can custom arrange it to suit the taste of your guests. Furthermore, we have formed strong professional tie-ups with leading wholesale suppliers of necessary items such as fresh flowers, fresh cakes, fresh pastries, candles, palates, floral decorations, cold drinks, music and DJ and so forth, is made available in real time quickly. And then, with our dedicated staff under your command, we are always ready to offer the most exceptional event management service for birthday celebrations as a prominent birthday organizer in Delhi.

Whatever are your concerns and requirements and even misconceptions, simply call us and discuss your needs and preferences, and our highly enabled team would spell new ways of ensuring great success to your celebrations.


Corporate shows

We are a premium event management company widely hailed as a prestigious corporate event organizer in Delhi-Ncr since 2008, as accomplished corporate event organizer. We have built a great skill in the field in these many years and have successfully ensured more than 100 business events, thereby getting the companies the towering edge with which, those events were organized. In other words, extremely professional event management consulting has come of age, as we spearhead the most innovative approach in the field, while riding high on our glorious experience. We are fully aware about the huge significance which corporate attach to any prime event or a corporate get together either for product launch, fund raising, product seminars, conferences and the like conventions.

As such, whatever may by your end goals or business expansion requirements, Ahuja Musicals, as an illustrious corporate event organizer, will go extra mile in ensuring it’s all round success, in the most professional manner. Clearly, there are associated an array of factors which are behind the scenes activities but which can be accomplished in the most proficient way, on by any professional group, pretty dedicated in the field. For instance, from venue selection to preparing and decorating the dais for top dignitaries to ensuring comfortable seating arrangements to preparing and serving a multi-cuisine lunch and providing cold drinks and beverages and so forth, any prestigious corporate event management companies, like us, can make it a huge success.

Likewise, even media interaction and brochure distribution is also handled by our chic team who are pretty renowned in hospitality industry, at length. Not to mince words, but business conventions hold special importance in global corporate sector, as such are ways by which they can look to expand swiftly beyond borders. And in the field, Ahuja Musicals has emerged on top, as we specialize in all forms of the game from planning to staffing to coordination and communication to integrating all efforts and to enabling actual grand event.

Further, since beginning, this has been our mission to carve out an explicit plan of action which would be innovative and integrated enough to achieve its underlying goals, which any company or business looks for, but with towering professional deftness. Hence while looking for brightest of event planning and organizing assistance at any grand location through any of superior event management companies please place your trust in us and our top class skills customized to suit your unique goals.

Our underlying expertise has come a long way, when anyone thinks about any proficient corporate event organizer, to further the goals of business and to enable swift sales and the eventual profit making. For better insights, please go through the reviews and crucial feedback, which clients have awarded us with and make your decision right away, to spearhead your market share right now, through a group which is renowned as best among event management companies

College fest edms

At College Fest we bring together music, brands and college students to create unforgettable experiences. Our large lifestyle events allow students to explore their cities and get rewarded just for being students, while the vendors & brands are able to market effectively to thousands of college students. Our goal is to create unique experiences for both students and vendors.

College Fest has been around over 2 years, and started at the DCTM College. But we’re not stopping there. CollegeFest is growing both locally and nationally, we’re adding additional events in the Many  area (including a second back to school event and a travel themed event) are and are expanding to new markets around the country.

We’re also adding a B2C digital engagement platform to CollegeFest to enable our CollegeFest sponsors to engage and reward our CollegeFest Insiders all year long.

Wedding Shows

Wedding is the most supreme time in one’s life when two souls unite for a lifelong journey and take oath of loyalty and of sharing each other’s sorrow and happiness and to go along in the friendly and humane way. Clearly, such a bond is pretty sacred and is rightly considered to be pretty everlasting for 7 consecutive births. As such, everyone harbours to be lucky enough to tie such holy knot with his or her dream partner and longs to make the occasion the most memorable one. In other words, for wedding event, everyone cherishes that, such events and such ceremonies are remembered for a lifetime, when sincere relatives and loyal friends assemble to gather to hail the dream couple and to pour in congratulations and to shed the blessing onto the newly web couple. In a special case of our country, the celebrations take place in phases and ceremonies are split into various forms, which are distinct from one another, comprising a range of rituals, detecting auspicious time and omens, such as Mehndi ceremony, Barat reception, setting up of heavenly Mandap, taking dream rounds around holy fire (Pavitra agni), post wedding reception for office colleagues and business partners and other stake holders and so forth.

Hence, one has to deal with so many tasks of different types and a variety of arrangements have to be made, deciding to hire the services of any prime wedding, is simply the most measured idea. This is mainly because of the fact that any professional business entity which has risen to prominence in this field would be able to accomplish such a wide range of tasks in the most phenomenal manner. Furthermore, it is widely thought that engaging any supreme wedding planning agency, is only meant for the rich and famous only or for elites only. But, such belief is no longer a reality now, since there are so many companies taking the role of wedding planner, who offer affordable wedding planning services but without any big compromise in quality and essence.

Wedding Planner

Major reasons, as to why one should hire a wedding planner in Delhi-Ncr and can utilize their skills and expertise are as mentioned below:

    1    The chief and the most promising feature of such wedding planning services is the fact such big wedding planners are the insightful minds with decades of experience and thus making significant arrangements can be done in a timely manner. They have knowledge of important aspects attached with ease of ceremony and can arrange and provide the required stuff in quick time (and can thus save social dignity and prestige of the concerned family).

    2    Secondly, such services are also pretty economical since they have their own tie-ups with prominent suppliers of regular stuff, such as vegetables, flowers, cold drinks, venue, decoration, and have their own dedicated cooks, experienced chefs and other staff members to make the wedding a truly superb affair.

    3    People simply need to voice their budget and constraints and some other specifications and preference, and any type of memorable wedding event can be expected right away with top level satisfaction.

Cultural shows

Ahuja Musicals is one of the well known specialists management industry who is offereing Cultural events  to our valuable client’s and business companies. We the best and top organisers in Delhi Ncr and fulfill all the requirements of our clients.We are as a team take care from small Cultural planning to big and large scale Cultural management and satisfies the clients expectations. We as a team of event organisers anywhere in Delhi Ncr we belieive that we are the best event patners for our customer’s. As our team is qualified, well professional skilled members, so you can trust us for your event management service and we always reaches the expectations of client’s. We handle all types of Culturals events such as birthday parties, festvivals, theme based parties, business Cultural events and many more anywhere in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. 

Our objective as the best Event Management Company of Delhi is to have client’s service that is not just the best but Perfect in all aspects, as we want to be the reason of some one’s happiness. We manage and organise superb events services everywhere in India specially in Event organisers at INDIA



Devotional events

We excel in performing Mata ki Chowki , JAGRAN and our artists ensure that all the people are involved in the chowki and jagran.

Our team is skilled in performing various types of poojas for different occasions as per your requirements

Our bhajan mandali are well versed with range of bhajans and are experts in creating a devotional atmosphere.

Sufi programs



Mehndi programs

• Mata Ka Jagran
• Mata Ki Chowki
• Bhajan Sandhya
• Sai Sandhya
• Hanuman jayanti
• Mehndi SANGEET
• Sangeet Sandhya
• Celeb Dj’s artist •Models for Launch/Shoots

• Beithak Shows
• Kavi Sammelan
• Celebrity Shows
• Fund Raising Shows
• Cine Star Shows
• Laughter Shows
• Musical Nights
• Birthday Parties
• Theme Parties
• Sufi Night

• Conferences
• Sales Promotion
• Product Launch
• Exhibitions & Trade Shows
• Press Conferences
• Seminars
• Entertainment
• A/v Equipments
• Venue & Specialty Catering
• Business meeting/Seminars
• Board Meetings
• Corporate Training

• Theme Wedding
• Ring Ceremony
• Venue Selection
• Designer Wedding Cards
• Caterings
• Venue Decoration
• Lighting/ Stage Concept
• Floral Decoration
• Wedding Management
• Fireworks
• Rental & Travel
•Photography & Videography

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